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SWIFT’s foundation is built upon the principles of Swedish craftsmanship and excellence. With a strong emphasis on quality, every home lift is manufactured to the highest standards. Every component is put through strenuous testing and inspection, which ensures that it is dependable, long-lasting, and safe.


electric opal wall art
bamboo dreams wall art
ink bronze wall art
oriental white wall art
perching bird wall art
Stockholm gridwall art

Lift Colour

traffic white
grey white
jet black
anthracite grey

Lift Carpet

Halo Lifts
grey floor
Swift pro white floor


SWIFT Pro is our most advanced home lift model with premium design features, a dynamic 10-inch touch display and several options for personalised settings.


Technical Specifications

European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Platform Sizes:830×1000 mm, 830×1100 mm, 1200×1000 mm, 1400×1100 mm
Number of Floors:2-6 floors
Total Travel:250 to 15000 mm
Top Height:2275 to 3500 mm
Installation:Recessed installation 50 mm in a pit or directly on floor with a door sill
Doors per Floor1
Power:230V 1-phase 6A (8A fuse)
Speed:Max 0.3 m/s (adjustable by user from touch display) (0.15 m/s in Europe)
Doors:Double glass doors with automatic openers/closers
Shaft:Laminated clear glass (10 mm) or steel (10 mm)
Anti-trap:Included (battery back up for full operation)
Control:/10-inch dynamic touch display.
Run:One Touch (hold to run within Europe)
Control System:Thor EngineeringTM
Drive:EcoDrive screw & nut with dynamic charge. 48V, 3kW IPM-SynRM motor
SWIFT Safety:Included (with child lock and floor lock)
Emergency Phone:Different options available (Emergency phone Safeline or alarm buzzer).
SWIFT Remote:Optional
Colours:Traffic White RAL 9016, Grey White RAL 9002, Anthracite Grey RAL 7016, Jet Black RAL 9005 (Color type: Jotun Anti-Scratch with Sahara texture finish and gloss 12%)
Design Themes:Electric Opal with LED, Oriental White with LED, Perching Bird with LED, Stockholm Grid with LED, Bamboo Dreams with LED, INK Bronze/Blue with LED
Carpets:Ege Carpets ECONYL®:
Denim Blue, Stitch Green, Stitch Black, Denim Stripe, Linen Grey
Light:White LED 6500K on platform side lights and on background LED ArtWall. White 4000K (included) or RGB (optional) in shaft and shaft ceiling. Shaft and ceiling light adjustable by user via display.
Smart Home Device:Compatible with most home automation systems such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
Sustainability:More than 90% of the components in the lift are recyclable.
Technical Compliance:
Ceiling:With ceiling white LED included

Swift Pro Features



48V battery bank dynamically charged:
When traveling down
By battery charger
By solar panels (optional)

Easy Installation

Easy installation

All inclusive lift + shaft. Possible to install directly on the floor. 230V single phase installation.

SWIFT Remote (Option)

SWIFT Remote (Option)

Always connected and remotely monitored to minimize maintenance and service costs and to optimize functionality.



Carefully selected ArtWalls, colours, light features and flooring options to make it fit any personal preferences.

User Profiles

User profiles

Set lift and door speed based on family member preferences. Kids, visitors and grandparents.

Touch Display

Touch display

Intuitive design. Name your
floors. Set user profiles.

Technical Compliance

Technical compliance

Complies with Europe’s strictest
safety requirements European
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Patented (Pending) Drive System

Patented (pending) drive system

Most modern screw and nut system. Machine room less. State of the art 48V battery driven IPM-SynRM motor with next generation motor control technology.

Anti-Trap System

Anti-trap system

Full operation if external power
failure. No need to be anxious.



10 years of screw and nut drive system. 5 years for the lift (requires a Support and Maintenance package).

A-Rated Energy Consumption

A-rated energy consumption

At full operation, energy consumption is similar to an A-rated dishwasher (according to VDI 4707). The market’s lowest maintenance cost thanks to the EcoDrive which regenerates energy when lift goes down.



More than 90% of the
components in the lift are

Creative & stylish motion

Using motion design and audio effects the display and the Artwall screensaver provide your home with creative and stylish design combined with immersed
unexpected visual effects.

A residential lift with intelligence

Intuitive instructions in the display when the lift wants to tell you something.

nod stopp
Safety edge

Lift Colours

Choose one of the following 4 colours for your residential lift.

Traffic White

Grey White

Anthracite Grey

Jet Black


You can choose between 5 carpeted flooring options for your SWIFT Pro. All our carpets are made by Ege Carpets, a Danish design company that is now one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of sustainable high-quality carpets. The carpets are made with ECONYL©, microfibers from nylon waste and recycled plastic bottles from the ocean.






A residential lift that is small on the outside. Big on the inside.


Small Lifts

Floor size: 830×1000 mm
Rated load: 250 kg / 3 persons
Hole through floor: 940×1425 mm


Medium Lift Size

Floor size: 830×1100 mm
Rated load: 250 kg / 3 persons
Hole through floor: 940×1525 mm


Large Lift Size

Floor size: 1200×1000 mm
Rated load: 400 kg / 5 persons
Hole through floor: 1310×1425 mm

Extra Large

Extra Large Lift Size

Floor size: 1400×1100 mm
Rated load: 400 kg / 5 persons
Hole through floor: 1510×1525 mm

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